Student Financial Resource Center

The more you know about the college preparation and financial aid process, the more financial aid money you will receive. Financial aid typically goes to those who know the most about the financial aid system. It is important to understand all of your financial aid options when it comes to paying for college education. The cost of education continues to rise annually, and middle-income families often find themselves caught between 'a rock and a hard place'. Such families are not wealthy enough to cover all of the costs on their own, but do not have low enough incomes to qualify for need-based aid. Fortunately, there is more diverse financial aid available today than ever before to help offset these rising costs.

You can receive financial aid even if you are not a straight-A student or a top athlete. In fact, most students and parents are unaware of the vast number of merit and need-based financial aid programs. Financial aid is available to millions of American families. Yet, too many students are under the impression that they cannot receive financial aid that does not require repayment, so they do not bother applying at all.
Students who did not qualify to receive federal student aid (Pell Grants, FSEOG, or Work-Study) or need additional financial aid money, should submit applications to other existing financial aid programs.
Applying for financial aid is basically a matter of filling out a few financial aid applications on time. The applications may look complicated but they are simpler than they appear, and millions of students fill them out every year.

There are lots of general free merit and need-based financial aid programs out there, in many forms. Apply to all of them and you will significantly increase your chances of receiving financial assistance.

Financial aid is the key to paying for your college education, and understanding the entire college financial aid process is vital.

Do not borrow money to pay for your college education until you have fully exhausted all of the free money opportunities first. Borrowing money should be your last alternative. Good luck, and best wishes for your successful educational future!!