• The Student Financial Resource Center (SFRC) mission is to remove and reduce the confounding obstacles in the college financial aid process by educating and preparing students to learn to “Apply! Apply! Apply!” to as many available free merit and need-base financial aid programs as possible to receive free money. SFRC is dedicated to saving students' time and protecting them from e-mail spam and superfluous commercial advertising. Borrowing money should be the absolute last resort. The cost of education continues to rise annually, and middle-income families often find themselves caught between “a rock and a hard place.” Such families are not wealthy enough to cover all of the costs on their own, but do not have low enough incomes to qualify for need-based aid. Fortunately, there is more diverse financial aid available today than ever before to help offset these rising costs. You can receive financial aid even if you are not a straight-A student or a top athlete. In fact, most students and parents are unaware of the vast number of civic, private and state grants, merit scholarships and fellowships that are available each year. Financial aid is accessible to millions of American families. Yet, too many students are under the impression that they cannot receive financial aid that does not require repayment, so they do not bother applying at all. Remember, financial aid is the key to paying for your college education, and understanding the entire college financial aid process is vital. Do not borrow money to pay for your college education until you have fully exhausted all of the free money opportunities first. The more you know about the college preparation and financial aid process, the more financial aid money you can receive. Financial aid typically goes to those who know the most about the financial aid system, so it is important to understand all of your financial aid options when it comes to paying for college.
  • SFRC offers the following unique benefits to students:
    • SFRC saves students valuable time by conducting precise general research to match student's qualifications and background to available free merit and need-based financial aid programs.
    • SFRC provides students with a comprehensive resourceful guidebook containing essential financial aid information, a list of free merit- and need-based financial aid programs, and clear instructions on how to apply to our specifically selected sources—all in one convenient, multipurpose package.
    • SFRC protects students from e-mail SPAM. When you search the Internet for financial aid opportunities, most financial aid websites ask for your e-mail address before you can access their database so they can send you e-mails you did not ask for and do not need.
    • SFRC provides students with a concise list of free merit- and need-based financial aid programs that  appropriately match their specific backgrounds and qualifications. Most financial aid websites merely offer unwieldy and unusable lists of financial aid resources that are irrelevant to students’ qualifications and background.
    • SFRC encourages students to apply to all available financial aid programs, not just those at the federal and state level. Many students only fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), failing to research or apply to the many other non-federal local and national merit and need-based financial aid programs available.
    • SFRC does not sell students' names, emails, or home addresses to outside vendors. We strictly adhere to the Privacy Act Laws and do not share students’ personal information with any outside organizations.
    • SFRC protects students from superfluous commercial advertising. Most financial aid websites claim their information is free, then, they attempt to lure students to subscribe to or pay for unwanted items such as magazine subscriptions, car loans, books, auto insurance, student loans, college admission, or credit card offers. The SFRC website and literature have no hidden check boxes that attempt to sell, advertise, or promote any commercial products.