Student Aid Profile Form (SAPF) Instructions



1. Last Name - Write in your last name

2. First Name - Write in your first name

3. MI - Write in your middle name initial

4. Permanent Mailing Address - Write in your mailing address

5. City - Write in your City

6. State - Write in your State

7. Zip Code - Write in your Zip Code

8. Date of Birth - Write in your Birthday in MM/DD/YYYY format

9. E-mail Address - Write in your e-mail address

10. What is Your State of Legal Residence? - Write in your state of legal residence

11. Marital Status as of Today? - Mark your marital status as of today

12. Sex - Mark your Sex (male or female)



1. School Currently Attending – Write in the school name that you are currently attending. If you are planning to change your school, write in the school name that you will be attending.

2. Expected Enrollment Status – Select Full time, Part time or Transfer

3. Educational Goals, Highest Degree You Are Considering – Select Associate, Bachelors, Masters or PH.D.

4. Grade Point Average (4.0 = A) – Write in your most recent semester grade point average. You do not have to write in your high school GPA.

5. Type of College You Are Attending or Planning to Attend? – Select Two-year (community college), Four year college (universities), or Trade/Technical School

6. Majors or Careers You Are Considering – Write up to three majors or careers



1. Ethnic/Racial Background – Select the appropriate box

2. Clubs – Write up to 4 club memberships, organization involvement or leave it blank

3. Sports – Write up to 3 sports in which you have the interest and ability to participate on an intercollegiate level

4. Work Experience – Write up to 4 volunteer or employment experience


1. Father's Occupation – Write in your father's occupation or mark unknown

2. Name of Employer – Write in the name of your father's employer

3. Mother's Occupation – Write in your mother's occupation or mark unknown

4. Name of Employer – Write in the name of your mother's employer

5. Military – If your parents served in the military , select the appropriate branch or select the N/A box